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TOURIST HUNTING- DVD. These Czechoslovakian boys are on the prowl for fresh meat and when they find a lost tourist they are always more than willing to give them a hand... or more. When Daniel Nicolaus runs into out of towner Richard Freeman and spills his drink on him, he does what any good guy would do, he offers to clean Richard's shirt. Well Richard gets more than a shirt cleaning when he gets back to Daniels House. After giving each other's smooth bodies tong baths the studs are joined by Daniel's horny roommate and the three studs end up an a fuck fest that leaves everyone spent. Steve Storm is out for a walk in the countryside when he finds Paul North who's taken a spill sightseeing on his bicycle. Steve offers Paul more than just a helping hand when he takes him home to clean him up. After a hot shower the two studs suck and rim one another until they both unload their creamy goo. MUCH MORE ACTION IN THIS ALL WORLDS DVD, HOT MEN, HUGE COCKS AND IT LEAVES YOU WANTING MORE!!!

Starring: Casey Princ, Rick Farmer, Nicolas Corby, Richy Clever, Chose Armando, Miguel De Chansues, Michael Key, Eric Flower, Gary Brickman, Ruslan Peterko, Daniel Nicolaus, Bob Crane, Dion Davydov

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