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Tantric Pleasure Condoms Assorted

Tantric One Condoms

Tantric Pleasure Condoms Assorted

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Tantric Pleasure Condoms Assorted Styles. New from One and Tantric condoms, the Tantric Pleasure condoms come in 3 styles that will get you ready. Sold as assorted individual singly, if purchased in Qty of 3 you will receive 1 of each style. Tantric come in: Titan, Tribal or Moari design. Driven by the popularity of ZERO, Tantric Pleasures condoms have a flared shape, with a wider base and tip and a secure fit at the center of the condom, they are also lubricated. The result is a condom that feels great, fits great, and performs great. Nominal Width: 53 +/- 2mm, Maximum Width Near Tip: 61 +/- 2mm, Width at Base: 56 +/- 2mm, Average Length: >180 mm, Condom Material: Natural Rubber Latex, Lubricant: Premium Silicone Lubrication Customer wanted a condom that's interesting, that feels great inside and out. Here is the answer: The Exotic Tantric Pleasures™, the first condom in the world created with tattoo-inspired texture for increased pleasure and an easy-rolling flared shape for added comfort. Tantric's exotic textures come in 3 styles: Maori, Titan and Tribal. Influenced by popular body art designs and alternative philosophies, appealing to those who want a healthy and fun way to express themselves and each other with new pleasures. (1 Qty equal total of 1 condom, sold individually) Style #11900C-Assorted

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