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STR8CAM Lube Hybrid 128oz/ Gallon Size


STR8CAM Lube Hybrid 128oz/ Gallon Size

$ 99.00 $ 240.00

STR8CAM Lube is also known as SPUNK Lube Hybrid 128oz/ Gallon bottle, great size to saving money and be able to fill up smaller bottles with; come with a pump for easy dispensing. Cleans up easily leaving no residue behind. Virtually required for anal sex. Water based personal lubricant blended with silicone Resembles the look & feel of natural lubrication.

Formulated with the highest quality ingredients; Lets you feel the sensation of skin to skin contact; Prolonging lovemaking and makes masturbation more enjoyable. Enjoy sexual intercourse like never before Long lasting smooth glide; Safe to use with all condoms (male & female) Hypoallergenic formula Non-staining.

Reactivates with water, saliva, and sweat Not sticky, tacky, greasy or slimy Safe to use with all materials (PVC, ABS, TPR, TPE, latex, silicone, rubber, glass, etc) Safe to use with all toys (Fleshlight, Dildo, Vibrator, Butt plug, Cock ring, Bullet, etc) Award winning.

Sex toy/accessory of the year Silky white, creamy, soft, velvety & smooth Leaves your skin feeling soft and conditioned Best for anal, vaginal, masturbation, solo, sex, toys & more The perfect all around personal lubricant for any occasion.


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