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Rehab Drinking Game


Rehab Adult Drinking Game

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Rehab Drinking Game: A Wild Drinking Game. Drinking game where you and the other players are raging alcoholics. You try, and try, and try to correct your drinking problem in REHAB, but you keep falling off the wagon.

Whether it's a trip to Willy's Bar and Grill, Club Swank, the New Year's Eve Party, or the Fraternity Party, you just can't seem to resist temptation. You'll travel around the game board landing in and falling out of REHAB until finally someone successfully defeats his or her addiction to alcohol (by collecting five gold stars).

Along your road to recovery, you may have to reveal personal information about yourself, sing your favorite television theme song, or even dance with a lampshade on your head. You may have a drunken hookup, develop cirrhosis of the liver, or even get thrown in jail for drunk and disorderly conduct.

You are an alcoholic and your expected to act like one, and that includes lots of drinks. For 2-6 adults. Rehab contains Rehab game board, 45 Rehab game cards, 30 gold stars, 6 playing pieces, 1 die, and instructions.

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