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Overture [Nov 19, 1999] Loy, James


Overture [Nov 19, 1999] Loy, James

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Photographer James Loy is known for his sensual touch with light and shadow. Turn the pages of his new book, Overture, and get swept away on a fantastic journey with some of the sexiest men you can imagine. This title features 96 pages of rich Black & White imagery.To native Californian James Loy, the sunshine and light of Southern California have played an important part in the life of the photographer. Photography, which is Latin for "writing with light," was a natural calling for him. James studied his art at local colleges and moved forward to a commercial career. His work has appeared in German Vogue, Jet, Exercise & Health, and Fit magazines. James has had the opportunity to work with many celebrities including Morgan Fairchild, Lindsey Wagner, and Kathy Ireland.

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