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Nuru Massage Sheet 96'' X 120'' Waterproof


Nuru Massage Sheet 96'' X 120'' Waterproof

$ 9.00 $ 21.00

This ones is New sheets from Wet Nuru, for the Nuru massage gels. It is important that you have a slippery surface that will not absorb the Wet Nuru Massage Gel.

We recommend covering your bed with the Wet Nuru Massage Sheet (that covers up to a Cal King bed). You can roll up towels underneath the sheet, along the edges to keep the gel towards the center of the bed. You may also use a blow up mattress as long as it has a slick vinyl surface. You may wish to put a pillow under the sheet where the receiver's head will be.

(Please note: that these are NOT actual sheets, they are meant to be placed under your sheets for your bed or to place over the bed to avoid getting lubrication or excess items on your mattress.)

  • Use the Wet Nuru Massage Sheet to protect your bedding while you and your partner experience the thrills of Nuru Massage
  • This sheet is large enough to cover a California King bed
  • Great bedroom gift

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