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Male of the Species: Four Decades of Photography by Arthur Tress


Male of the Species: Four Decades of Photography by Arthur Tress

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Male of the Species book, Photographs by Arthur Tress. Clothbound, 10" x 10" 166 Pages, 129 Duotone Plates.A very special retrospective of Arthur Tress' male photography.Acclaimed photographer Arthur Tress continues to astound critics with his lively and unexpected work. Encouraged by Los Angeles archivist and photographer David Sprigle - Tress agreed to present the best of over forty years worth of his male and erotic photography. The book represents the most complete collection of erotic and sensitive work by Tress including vintage solo male nudes, as well as erotic group shots.Arthur Tress is one of the most prolific and diversified art photographers now working in America. For over thirty-five years, Tress's style has evolved from early photojournalist reportage influenced by Cartier-Bresson, through his idiosyncratic form of contemporary surrealism, to completely fabricated tableaux with appropriated imagery. Throughout the years, his attention to old age had helped to give meaning and form to the photographs. His portraits of boys, adolescents, and men from all walks of life present the male in his role as novitiate, explorer, and sage - some of the stages of a man's life in his universal quest for enlightenment.With an introduction by French Artist and Philosopher Michel Tournier, Male of the Species offers a bio-critical essay on Tress and the development of his photographic vision. A vision which, though truly original, does echo the influence of Henri Cartier-Bresson and Duane Michals. Early portraits of boys and adolescent youth introduce this handsome 168 page volume which offers additional photographs from this series. The photographs, dating from the 1950's through the 1990's, depict the beauty of men of various cultures and ages, and were taken in a variety of locales including America, Asia, Europe, Mexico, and Africa. A selected bibliography is included.

  • Hardcover Book
  • 166 Pages

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