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Living On The Rim DVD


Living On The Rim DVD

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Living On The Rim. When CAMERON FOX has the family home to himself, he and his friends waste no time getting the hot action started! Between a naked pool party and an outdoor rimming extravaganza and hot sex in every room in the house, this is one party that's hard to miss! The first batch sucks and rims in the pool, quickly breaking up into little teams. Cameron himself takes Jason Hawke to the Jacuzzi.

Long-dicked Cameron is propped up on the rim of the pool as Jason blows him smoothly and beautifully. Jason is a hunk with a bubble-butt that floats just below the surface of the glimmering water. Jason rims Cameron's butt, too, not forgetting to blow him now and then. Jason is fervent with his rim as Cameron jiggles around his face. Cameron then goes down on Jason's uncut cock -- toying, licking, snapping it. The highlight is Cameron's frothy, spit-filled rim of Jason. Cameron is on fire as he tears into Jason before replacing his tongue with his cock. Cameron's fuck is fast, but Jason makes his presence known, too. They smack at each other with lots of oomph, and still inserted, they maneuver themselves into a position so that Jason can show off his talents and ride eagerly. When Cameron takes over with force underneath, Jason blows his load. Cameron drips his on Jason's face.

This one is *** Highly Recommended *** Starting Cast: Brad Benton Braeden Casey Jon Erik Cameron Fox Jason Hawke a.k.a. Jay Heiss Niko a.k.a. Chip Nicolas Marco Paris Trey Rexx a.k.a. Trey Nealson Sledge Sawyer Justin Wells Barrett Long Richard Well "Living on the Rim" (All Worlds Video)

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