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Leather Sessions


Leather Sessions

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Leather Sessions *** Highly, Highly Recommended *** "Leather Sessions" "Leather Sessions" is a potent leather flick inhabited by heavy-hung tops and cock-loving bottoms. Chi Chi LaRue sets the mood with smoke (no mirrors!), shiny leather, pulsing testosterone and balls-to-the-wall fucking from the get-go. The opener features blond knockout Tyler Riggz and shaved-headed dynamo Tag Adams. Taped to a toilet (no bidet!), Tag grunts as Tyler slowly and menacingly encircles him, eventually kissing and smacking Tag about before unleashing his huge cock to be sucked. And suck it Tag does. He deep-throats the mushroom head and thick shaft with unrelenting vim (and vigor!). Tyler then rims Tags perky butt, digging in with his long tongue, Tag gets to lick some hole too, then bends over to take a big fuck from the big stud. Tyler is about twice Tag's size, and the sight of his huge cock entering Tag's small butt are unbelievably hot.

He straddles Tyler next, then gets on his knees to suck the big guy off, straddles Tyler again to cum, Tag's load squirting all over Tyler's sugar tits. Hot damn! Cole Ryder is one sexy motherfucker. But, then, so is Johnny Hazzard. Cole is a hulking hirsute he-man -- two-day-old beard, major furry chest, muscles galore. And Johnny is as handsome as they come with elaborate tattoos decorating his lithe frame. This finale is a nice bookend to the opener where the big guy (Tyler) was the dominant player. Here, the smaller of the two men (Johnny) is in control. Total. After an intense bout of kissing, Cole crouches down to suck the beejesus out of Johnny's sensational cock. He's a skilled deep-throater and spends much time pleasing the super-hard bone. Not to be outdone, Johnny gobbles down rock-hard cock as well, Cole face-fucking a more-than-willing Johnny. The action turns to rimming, Cole getting plenty of ass in his face, Johnny crouched over Cole, bouncing his pucker up and down as Cole snacks on the crack.

Ass-out in a sling, Johnny sucks Cole's hairy hole, Cole moaning and groaning like a bear caught in a trap. Ass wetted, Johnny does his duty and fucks that booty, drilling deep into the bear's trap doggy-style. Johnny is in complete control throughout, and when he flips the big stud over to continue the harsh pounding missionary, Cole's words of encouragement become even more sincere (as if!), Johnny picking up the pace to a jackrabbit speed, then slowing it down, pulling all the way out and charging back in. The shots of Cole's shiny pink pucker opening and closing as Johnny invades and then retreats is a thing of beauty. Cole lords over a prone Johnny to pump out his juice, and then Johnny lets his rip, huge globs jetting out, then landing on his sweaty hip bone.

C1-RV1121-DVD Studio: Rascal Video, Director: Chi Chi LaRue Cast: Cole Ryder, Johnny Hazzard, Luca DiCorso, Tyler Riggz, Adam Young, Derrick Hanson, Nick Mazzaro, Simon Angel, Tag Adams

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