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Joe Oppedisano Uncensored Book

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Joe Oppedisano Uncensored Book

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Joe Oppedisano: UncensoredUncensored "The Book". Get uncensored and crazy with his amazing photography by: Joe Oppedisano. Joe is know to be Bold and Sexy and super Hot! with his photography. This book collection feature that and more with a bold, masculine look. Joe Oppedisano's Uncensored is a journey of men and their deepest desires. From straight forward pinup portraits of uninhibited men and their raw sensuality; to elaborate fantasies of bondage, sex, and ecstasy. Uncensored delivers the quality you've come to expect from Oppedisano and amplifies it ten-fold! This completely uncensored book is a continuation of the best-selling photography book Testosterone.Uncensored documents Oppedisano at his best and most uncensored as he bravely steps outside his realm of dark, erotically charged dungeons and bring you into his world of Sexuality, masculinity and stunning Naked men. Each page is injected with a compellingly tantalizing and display of flesh as he embarks upon his mission with a successful mix of masculinity, sexuality, glam and ironic humor amidst stunningly bright locations. Rugged men openly engage in displays of bondage on urban sidewalks while muscular athletes are captured in breathtaking form surrounded by lush landscapes. Through the lens of his camera, Oppedisano opens a new door with Uncensored, which proudly takes audiences both new and old to another level of artistic vision only previously imagined. The ready because this one will open your eyes wide as they can go, with some of these gorgeous men, completely naked, aroused and ready for action.This book is brought to you buy photographer : Joe Oppedisano, It's a hard cover book, full color and approx 195 hardcore, sexy, hot and uncensored images for all too see.Caution: Explicit male nude images contained inside book cover.

  • Adult male uncesored book.
  • Features male porn stars

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