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Fond Focus Gay DVD


Fond Focus Gay DVD

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Fond Focus Gay DVD. The late, great Joey teams up with the great Master Director(ess) of masturbatory selections, Chi Chi LaRue. Probably considered not one of Joey or Chi Chi's all-time best, this one still offers enough of the dirty stuff for both fans and non-fans alike. Filled with drama and a little bi-sex, it surrounds poor Joey, his recently deceased mother, and his lascivious step-father. Should of been great; it's so-so. Nothing outrageously original or awesome here (the sets are kinda dull, the set-up could've been more provocative and pushed a little more), but it's one of Joey's first vids, the sex (in spots) is terrific, and the premise works.

Staring: Joey Stefano, Steve Kennedy, Ryan Yeager, Brett Williams, Mitchell Cooke, Tony Davis & Alex Stone. Running Time 90 Min, Directed By Chi Chi Larue

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