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Fan the flames romance game

Fan the flames romance game

$ 23.95

Fan the flames, romance game for adults. Erotic game. Perfect for a romantic night for two. Great Valentines Day gift! Perfect for any two people who want to turn up the heat! Have fun discovering each other's romantic preferences and sharing each other's fantasies. A Game of Romance and Fantasy - for Two! This wonderfully romantic game is perfect for any two people who want to light the fires of romance and keep them burning brightly! Players will have fun discovering each other's romantic preferences and sharing each other's fantasies. The Game is ideal for any gift giving occasion weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's, vacations or "just because." Before you start to play, you'll want to create the setting. Set aside a private time and place to play. Try soft lighting (such as candlelight) and a pleasant music for a romantic mood. Have some tasty treats and your favorite beverages on hand. All these suggestion will heighten the game's romantic experience! At the start of the game, each of you writes a secret wish on the Wish card, - something you would like to enjoy with their partner at the end of the game; something you think will Fan the Flames. Each of you then take turns picking Guess Cards, trying to guess each other's answers to entertaining, interesting and playful questions. "Variety is the spice of life." If you wanted me to try something we haven't shared before, I'd probably be open to it if you: A. Bribed me B. Intrigued me C. Offered me a trade D. Just asked me Sometimes just thinking of you brings out the "animal" in me. And the animal it's most likely to bring out: A. Purrs when stroked B. Is nocturnal C. Wraps around you D. Eats raw meat If you guess correctly, he/she moves up a space on the board, and get to pick a Flame card. These cards offer choices of romantic things to do, and are written so that they can be experienced either as light and playful or more intimate. You're a cartographer mapping out new territory - that's ME. Plot a course on me from A to B (I'll show you where A and B are.) Using your fingertips, slowly follow your path. Fireworks can ignite from just a small spark. Kiss me as if you were lighting up the Fourth of July! The first player to reach the Fireworks on the board wins his/her wish. But of course both players truly win in this experience!

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