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Chug Dice Set Drinking Game

Chug Dice Set Drinking Game

$ 4.99

Chug Dice Set drinking game, An Easy-To-Learn and Fun-to-Play Drinking Game. Get your party started right, get you party started quickly. Chug! the Dice Game is a colorfully packaged and inexpensive drinking dice set. Players take turns rolling the dice. The first die tells you who drinks and includes assignments like "Women Only" and "To the left". The second die lets you know how much the assigned drinkers drink and includes items like "2 Drinks" and "4 Drinks". Additionally, there is an "Imitate" roll where the roller performs a gesture that everyone else imitates, and the last one to do so drinks. Also there is "Impose A Rule" where the roller defines a rule that applies to the "assigned drinkers" for the rest of the game. When "Chug" "Chug" is rolled, everyone finishes their drinks! Games

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