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Beaded Metal Flogger


Beaded Metal Flogger

$ 13.50

Beaded Metal Flogger. Fetish Fantasy Beaded Metal Flogger Whip. Get ready; because one crack of the beaded metal flogger and your lover will know who's in charge. It Hurts so Good!!!! For those of us that enjoy a little pain and pleasure or just want to sex it up a bit and get kinky, this whip flogger is the one for you. Measurements: Entire Flogger is approx. 23 inches in length; Handle is 7.25 inches in length; Strands are 13.75 inches in length approx. Color: Black and Silver-Chrome.

  • Metal flogger
  • Soft tail
  • Beaded handle
  • 23" (59 cm)^Explore Your Dominant Or Submissive Side^It Hurts So Good

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