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An Enchanting Evening

An Enchanting Evening

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An Enchanting Evening romance game for 2 adults. The game of love, of laughter, of romance and the richness of sharing! Get ready for a romantic evening with your partner or special date. The Ultimate Objective: For the couple playing the game to spend a wonderful time together sharing An Enchanting Evening. Who Can Play? Any couple, any age adult. It makes a thoughtful, tasteful gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's, vacations, or "just because." How is An Enchanting Evening Played? An Enchanting Evening begins by each player writing down a "secret wish" that can be shared with his/her partner that evening. The players then move leisurely around the board, drawing the appropriate cards. The game cards direct the players' actions. Some cards ask for verbal responses, which are positive and supportive. Other cards suggest gentle touching, some playful, others subtle and ambiguous. For example, one card asks: First impressions often last. If you saw your partner at a party, what might first attract you? Another gives instructions: The 'How Much Feeling Can You Put Into a Kiss' contest has just begun. You are a contestant. Give your partner the winning kiss. All cards allow the players to enjoy the game, and each other, at any level of intimacy that is comfortable and fun for both of them. What Does the Winner "Win"? The first player to reach the finish gets his or her wish fulfilled. (In this Game however, both players win in the relationship and the development in this personal time spent together.) The Game Sets the Stage. The players make it An Enchanting Evening. Players are encouraged to set aside private time, or one player can surprise the other or they can make a "date" and prepare for the evening together. When and where An Enchanting Evening is played is as important as the Game itself. The atmosphere should be one that invites relaxation and pleasure. Soft lighting, music, and your favorite edibles and beverages are just a few suggestions. Games

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