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Why Should You Use Lubricated Condoms?

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Lubricated condoms are designed to make sex more comfortable, while minimizing the risk of condom breakage. They are convenient to use, affordable, and easy to purchase. Not only can lubricated condoms protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, but they can also enable extended pleasure by facilitating a longer lasting erection. While it is true that a lubricated condom is in general no more powerful in preventing pregnancy than a non-lubricated condom, it can increase the level of arousal that you feel during the sex act.


Choosing the Right Style of Lubricated Condoms


If you are choosing lubricated condoms for the first time, it’s no wonder that you may need a little direction to help you make a selection. Lubricated condoms are sold in a wide variety that spans everything from extra lubricated to ultra smooth to every style in between these two types of condoms.


Since a variety of styles for lubricated condoms exists, you need to first decide which size (smaller condoms, standard, large, or extra large) fits best. Once that task is over, you should experiment with different styles of lubricated condoms to find out which types work best for your sexual needs. It is more than possible that you will discover a desire to use more than one style of condom because each type has been designed to offer special benefits such as enhanced sexual pleasure for one or both partners.


Styles of Lubricated Condoms


The lubrication is designed to change the feeling of the condom in order to deliver a more pleasurable experience. You can choose from thick, thin, nipple-shaped, colored, form fitting, and straight styles of lubricated condoms. While properly lubricated condoms are designed to enhance the overall sexual experience, they are also styled to provide comfort according to a man’s particular needs and desires.


Some lubricated condoms deliver a warming sensation due to the inclusion of menthol. The body’s natural moisture and heat activates this style of lubricant, releasing a sensation that warms your body during sex.


Tingling lubricated condoms are treated with special ingredients, such as spearmint. During sex, the lubricant infuses a tingling sensation designed to enhance your pleasure.


You can also choose lubricated large condoms with or without spermicide. However, it is important to note that some individuals are allergic to spermicide nonoxynol-9, leading to tiny sores. Once this allergy is discovered, the use of lubricated condoms treated with spermicide nonoxynol-9 should be discontinued.


Fortunately, condoms are designed to provide the best fit and comfort, while also delivering reliability in the protection against STDs and pregnancy. If you select a particular style of lubricated condom and decide that it isn’t the right kind for you, simply move on down the list and buy another brand of lubricated condom.


While you can buy condoms that come already lubricated, it is possible to buy to buy your own silicone or water-based lubrication that you can use with your favorite condoms. If you do this, just be careful not to use oil or petroleum jelly with latex condoms.